Modern thinking video game development studio.
Dedicated to making killer indie games with a AAA feel, all from our home in Scotland, UK.

Formed by ex-games industry developers who worked on many blockbuster AAA games for well over a decade.

Check out our debut title and award-winning game: SCATHE.

Get ready to lock 'n unload.
Time to escape the maze with friends in this intense 
bullet hell-inspired FPS.


Unreal Engine BEST GAME, WN Dev Context Europe 2021
GOLD WINNER, Best Independent Game, NYX Awards 2022


Ready to take on Hell? 
Maybe team up with up to four friends?
Perhaps use some over the top, crazy powerful weapons to rip through some Demons?
Think you can survive the maze and escape with the Hellstones?
Well then maybe you're ready for the intensity of SCATHE.

Eurogamer said: "Scathe is a Doomlike - and then some. You get dropped into horrible caverns filled with awful beasts, you have a gun that you don't need to reload, and there's a score counter boldly placed on the UI. Keep the combo going. Inevitably, it's brilliant: lovely gunplay and hideous monsters enlivened by a dash move that encourages you to gib with a bit of extra speed."
"Best thing about this, though? There is a button just for wiping the gore off your face. That's cool.
That's Doom - and then some."